GSL Commander

Apron Add-on program

This is a stand-alone program that uses the data and setup from the main coordination system to run the stands at an airport.

The data is imported using FTP. Setup files from the main system are also imported at the same time if set up to do so and if they have changed.

To send the data to the FTP, use the Auto system

The standalone Apron program uses an encrypted file to find out where the data is. It is encrypted so the users can not get access to the FTP server. This file is created using the item in FTP setup

Apron FTP setup

This creates a file for use with the Apron program for airports. Filling in the boxes and hitting create will make the ftp ini file required by the standalone apron program to connect to ftp to get the updated data. Once created, it can be saved or if desired, an email address in the address box next to Email file to and hit the button will send it by email to the addressee.

Send apron files

This sets up what files should be sent to the standalone apron program. It is in the station setup.

Files can be disabled or enabled with a click to Enabled and the last date can be cleared with a right click to the date. This enabled a forced send if a file is already the same date and maybe damaged.