GSL Commander

Coordination Organiser is a windows based program to aid with the coordination of Airports and is also of great use to handlers and other Airport based industries. It is an all in one package for counting, messaging, reporting and editing of PAX, Movements or Apron among other uses.

Importing data

There are plenty of choices for data input. via POP3, Sitatext, Outlook or Eudora, FTP as well as file or clipboard for inbound SCR's . It also takes CSV files in the correct format and SIR's in WWW type format. Inbound messages go into the messaging system. Manual input can also be used with its own integrated special formatting screen.


The calendar and time picker are used select date and time ranges e.g. for actioning or viewing messages. There is also a search and manual edit screen. C and R messages as well as Deletes can be handled through messages. Viewing data can be done in UTC or local time


The messages subsystem is concerned with getting data into and out of the system. Methods include Sita and POP3 or from the clipboard. Messages actioned create outgoing messages which can be output in a user definable method. The messages area is similar to Outlook (tm Microsoft) and has archive areas for dealt with messages and a 3 day reminder area

Messages Overview Manual Messaging Auto SIR
Messages Screen Using Counts  
Inbox Handling Auto Messages  



There are many different reports, all with many permutations including flight class and stations plus prefix and flight numbers. Aircraft types, sizes and category reports. There can also be daily "FAA" reports, Compliance and 8020 reports. Reports can be printed, saved or emailed directly to requesters.

Reports Explained EUACA Time Separation
Aircraft Movements User
Airline Season View Snapshot
Arrival/Departure Seats  
Daily Station  


Using data from FAA sources to create actual times. User defined off slot data used to create "please explain" sheets as well as 8020 use it or lose it reports. 8020 can also be used to create historic tables for reference in the next year.

8020 Explained Actuals to 8020  
User Setup Report  


Compliance Explained Compliance Reports Explained  
FAA to Comply Compliance Reports  


Using wanted and allocated times together with the provisional table to create a waitlist table. This can be a full table with all flights or just waitlisted. Can be searched and filtered for use in swap meetings and saved to file in CSV or text format.


User defines methods for counting numbers including pax flow, movements and apron usage. Counts can also give access to details and a chart incorporating a "traffic light system" to show warnings and over maximum counts. Counts are also accessible from the messages area. Peek week charts made from user defined setup plus NAC charts. Charts can be printed, saved or emailed directly to requesters.

Counts Overview Passenger Count Details Comply Chart
Counts Setup Movement Count Details OCS and Auto Check
Counts Output Count 2  
Counts Using Desk Setup Comply Details  


Airport Organiser has counts for apron and a quick assign for simple apron use.

Apron Overview User defined sets Apron count details
Apron 5 minute count User defined counts Quick Apron
Apron 15 minute count Apron constraints report Full Apron
Apron 60 minute count Count settings alternate view Apron Add-on


Gates can be checked for both numbers and assingments. Either with "what if" settings or assigned to the main season file.

Gates Count Gate Report  
Gates View    
Gates Options    
Gates In Season    


Desks can be assigned using user defined setups. Many setups can be created to work out the best pattern for the airport.

Desk Assign Overview Desk Assign Table  
Desk Assign View Counts  

online coordination

There is an addin for the organiser to allow it to receive and deal with messages from Online Coordination web site.