GSL Commander

GSL Commander has been described as the "Swiss Army Knife" for Airport Coordinators and Facilitators. This is because in keeping with the philosophy of Gatwick Software Logistics the user is presented with a suite of tools from which the coordinator can select those necessary for the job in hand. Not only can the program be used to coordinate an airport but can also be used as a predictive tool allowing the coordinator or facilitator to apply various "what if" scenarios and view possible outcomes. This is enormously valuable to the efficient future running of an airport. The user interface closely follows that of all other standard Windows programs.

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apron for GSL Commander

This is a stand-alone program that uses the data and setup from the main coordination system to run the stands at an airport.

Slot Organiser

A windows based program that aids in dealing with slot requests at airports taking in messages in a number of different ways, and presenting the outbound messages in the correct format. The program can import data from existing reports or from a schedule data set as well as via SITA text and email. There is a simple but effective organiser for 8020 and compliance and the ability to hold several pre-written SI and GI messages. Reports can be made for stations, flights or full timetables the data generated can be used in other programs such as Microsoft word.