Slot Organiser

Slot Organiser is a windows based program to aid with slot requests at Airports, presenting the data in the correct format for transmission. The program includes methods to import data from either existing requests or from a schedule data set.

Data Input

The system holds slot requests as well as the schedule. A second schedule can be used as an "what if" tool. Slots and schedules can be imported from existing requests as well as SIMM chapter 7 (schedule data sets). Other options include the import and working with SHL's at the start of the season. Schedules can be updated at any time for ongoing comparisons. SIR's and SAL's can also be used either as base for the slots


Mainly mouse driven selection and easy to use templates for changing data. Automatically creates outbound messages where required. Amendments can be made to either the Slots or the Schedule and it keeps control of the process.


Slot Organiser can send and receive messages into the system either with SITA using sitatext for windows sdk or direct to the internet with POP3 and SMTP. A third alternative is outlook. And for any not covered it can copy and paste using the windows clipboard which covers about everything else. For SITA and Internet a timer can be used to get messages at predetermined intervals.


Several reports are available to view the problem slots. Showing where the differences are. Other reports include slot counts and minimum turn failures.

8020 and Compliance

A simple but effective organiser for keeping control of 8020 use it or lose it. Also for those with compliance worries, the details can be put in so excuses can be at hand when needed. 8020 does forecasting as well.

Draft timetable

Plenty of reports and timetables to suit most occasions. Timetable reports can be made of stations, flights or full timetables. These can be placed on the clipboard and pasted in word or any other program for final formatting.