What's New in Coordination Organiser - 2006-2007

Date Ver. Notes
21 Sep 2006 556 Reset output to airlines so type T are all included in manual actions, SIR and other outputs where reset to default is required.
22 Sep 2006 557 Confirmation of log file emailed and time in auto overnight actions
27 Sep 2006 558 New right click menu item to main tables allowing the change of prefix from the selected prefix to the current status bar prefix. Also works with flight ranges.
05 Oct 2006 559 Alterations to autorun code to fix problem with timings
17 Oct 2006 560 Code to save auto time changes added to log
18 Oct 2006 561 Message menus altered to allow exist checks
24 Oct 2006 562 Remove message timer report from log
26 Oct 2006 563 Code to trace overnight auto problem
27 Oct 2006 564 As above
3 Nov 2006 565 As above
4 Dec 2006 566 Flight class added to compliance reports. New dual count in count 2.
  567 Repair to above
13 Dec 2006 568 Flight number added to reports/compliance/off slot/chart
14 Dec 2006 569 Manual messages alteration to find problem with fill button.
14 Dec 2006 570 Bug fix for flight number added to off slot chart
22 Dec 2006 571 Code to find manual messages problem
29 Dec 2006 572 Save count error fixed
10 Jan 2007 573 Repair C message count problem (code 30)
21 Jan 2007 574 Save file as text and CSV added to apron count and oni change added to offer screen
23 Jan 2007 575 Repair problem of ONI caused by offer work
23 Jan 2007 576 Dates added to compare in details
26 Jan 2007 577 Fix bug file new error
31 Jan 2007 578 Apron count total when parks hidden fixed
01 Feb 2007 579 Apron NAC altered to hide stands size when none exist
02 Feb 2007 580 Webcheck includes alter files. Alteration to airsplit table to allow split terminals for split prefix under allowed rotations. Work for allocation still to be done
06 Feb 2007 581 Alteration to manual messages Fill button to prevent no fill when in manual mode with an error
08 Feb 2007 582 Fix manual messages fill error. Add new second iata to airsplit
20 Feb 2007 583 Messagebox removed from SIR to allow overnight reports to work
15 Mar 2007 584 First try with GA input
06 Apr 2007 585 Recode to compliance clear data to allow calendar selection in local and utc and prefix selection
19 Apr 2007 586 Repair GA input looking at wrong place for reg table
20 Apr 2007 587 FAA report allow class selection. time picker selection added to faa report. date added to movement and seat reports for single date.
local time added to GA plus allow arrival/departure only
25 Apr 2007 589 Date and time choice to SIR in built in output
01 May 2007 590 Fix offer oni problem in messages
03 May 2007 591 New report in compliance for slot/actual. Repair to offer for SCR not found error. Fix for arr/dep period report
04 May 2007 592 Arr/Dep and date header added to new slot/actual comply report
09 May 2007 593 GA U and Y exclusions from EUACA report added. Terminal selection added.
14 May 2007 594 Slot/Faa report amended. Times select plus slot/act/tot select and slot file select
Time picker times ordered by start time
15 May 2007 595 Fix time selection bug in slot/faa report
24 May 2007 596 Actual/Touchdown/takeoff choice added to slot/faa report
dresden 587 repair faa/slot report selector
dresden 598  
12 Jun 2007 599 Filter prefix for date in faa remains.
delete prefix for date range in faa remains
message box to show prefix for add to comply if selected
Details for slot/Faa report for single date/prefix selection
12 Jun 2007 600 Fix api not found problem
18 Jun 2007 602 Added calendar look change selection.
30 Jun 2007 604 SIR compare error bug fix. Local time with DST import for single legs added. Rotated will not return a proper date yet as the code is not complete.
? 606 Added change calendar appearance
06 Jul 2007 607 Code added to allow for overnight reporting in slotfaa report when one day is picked
19 Jul 2007 608 Fix for password in users
05 Aug 2007 609 Fix nextday switch in slotfaa report
07 Aug 2007 610 details in slot/faa report altered to show arr or dep when selected
file lock added to lock season/type/station when single use is required
07 Aug 2007 611 faa remains choice now availble in slot/faa report
12 Aug 2007 612 slotfaa report alteration (bug fix)
13 Aug 2007 613 all airlines allowed SIR in built in output
download reverted to old directories to allow loader to work
22 Aug 2007 614 None
22 Aug 2007 615 Bug fix. Program starting on the same screen it was in last close
25 Aug 2007 616 code to sort out extra terminals in countset
New report in reports/arrdep/peekweek
26 Aug 2007 617 Allow new peek week report any dates. local or utc
add UFIS output to run UFIS system
26 Aug 2007 618 Error (Tempslot) bug fix.
29 Aug 2007 619 MEL added to import actuals
30 Aug 2007 620 Alter SIR output with kicks for shorter season
added 2 new chart types for comparing airline or groups with totals
sir and certain reports changed to consolidate data for arrivals/departures only reports
3 Sep 2007 621 Call for exclusive use of countset bug fixed
5 Sep 2007 622 Filter for message boxes to filter flight number
Filter altered in lower part of inbox to allow selected flight number to be filtered
9 Sep 2007 623 FAA import changed for TPE. No change for other users
26 Sep 2007 624 Output fix for shorter season on kick
27 Sep 3007 625 Fix number pad entry position on eliminate
30 Sep 2007 626 Terminal selection completed in output to airlines and peek week report
csv output added to 8020 report page right click menu
03 Oct 2007 627 Reset right click added to message setup screen to reset size
08 Oct 2007 628 Send autoset to GSL added to times other reports
send coordini to GSL added to output edit set
09 Oct 2007 629 Disable added to other auto sets
Disable all and enable all added to label right click
16 Oct 2007 630 Added nearest date item to compare details menu
17 Oct 2007 631 Fix details from count 2 screen bug
18 Oct 2007 632 Added right click reset to other screens
22 Octr 2007 633 CSV file output added to output right click if formatted
drag and drop text, file/s and outlook messages to output page
drag and drop outlook added to manual messages page
drag and drop outlook added to command window
1 Nov 2007 634 Run report added to slot/Faa report setup
Progress bar for slot/Faa report
2 Nov 3007 635 Bug fix dummymsh does not exist
5 Nov 2007 636 Bug fix reports not using correct frx file
Local time display added to status bar mode
10 Nov 2007 637 bug fix screen resize on run counts
10 Nov 2007 638 main screen resize code removed. more problems than worth.
11 Nov 2007 639 New faa 2 report in daily reports
11 Nov 2007 640 Faa 2 report now has terminal selection working
19 Nov 2007 641 Repair desk display bug
27 Nov 2007 642 T flights changed to hold seperate Arr/Dep
Manual messages changed to allow changes to T flighhts
Counts changed to allow for new format of T records
Agreed and offers allow seperate Arr/Dep T records
Output to airlines changed to allow for new seperate Arr/Dep T flights
03 Dec 2007 643 Bug fix agreed in messages. Was a T flight problem
07 Dec 2007 645 Change menu in message handling altered to use new T types
Note version 644 was never put online
09 Dec 2007 646 Fix pack and reindex test for new T fields
14 Dec 2007 647 T added to snapshots
27 Dec 2007 648 Tempo output error fixed and manual messages
28 Dec 2007 649 Count2 now in 8020 to count slots and actuals for compare
local time to utc scr fix
31 Dec 2007 650 Test in messages altered to show arr/dep T rather than both as T
31 Dec2007 651 New SIR built in SIR output with rotated T