What's New in Coordination Organiser - 2009

Date Ver. Notes
06 Jan 723 New utility to view SSIM files
08 Jan 724 Work/Options Make new season from current item added.
12 Jan 725 Change aircraft (all matching records) added to message lines for 31 error
13 Jan 726 Allow change of aircraft type for matching records in main tables
FAA2 report altered to split arrival and departure numbers
15 Jan 727 Fix utc2lt problem
15 Jan 728 Fix mayfly (faa2) report except. departures got on report
29 Jan 729 Dual count/comply using actual times
03 Feb 730 New report comply compare weekly
05 Feb 731 Added setup screen to compare weekly
05 Feb 732 Fix bug in arrdep period report
08 Feb 733 Extra spaces in comply weekly report
repair comply count
09 Feb 734 Alter validate sequence so PAX excludes are correctly allocated.
19 Feb 735 weekly comply report changes
19 Feb 736 Reindex added to countset setup
06 Mar 737 Mousewheel apron change label angle
shift Mousewheel apron label change font
shift right click on label toggle font bold
fix faa remains delete for flight range
14 Mar 738 Apron chart right click on flight new menu items
Details puts details of the gate times in the details area
Edit allows the change of stand
clear assign and reallocate does that for the selected day.
22 Mar 739 Fix bug allocating to domestic apron with frombase flights
Added check for apron in change apron using apron fine tune
27 Mar 740 Date/Time change in apron fine tune
Stand choice altered to allow for aircraft size
Selection of unallocated flights for fine tuning
06 Apr 741 75/25 added to 8020 reports
08 Apr 742 use + and - to change size of time picker
09 Apr 743 Tools/Options/Fonts/Calendar size to make the calendar larger
Fix + and - in Timepicker
21 Apr 744 added txt extension to output files
28 Apr 745 manual message list takes font from "other fonts" option
timepicker height increased
08 May 746 Manual messages now takes font from other fonts setup
Manual messages allowed to resize width
Timepicker resizes height as well as width
11 May 747 Manual messages resize
Timepicker keeps set size on close
19 May 748 Add flight from Apron
27 May 749 Fix manual messages disappearing
06 Jun 751 750 was TPE window tester
Change of XML import for AMS only
07 Jun 752 AMS fix only
09 Jun 753 Actuals to comply report Departures fix
14 Jun 754 Fix for Local time SCR where no utc-local time is set
18 Jun 755 Fix manual messages resize
fic initial comply bug
offer font size
28 Jun 756 Allow arrow keys to control count grid from offer screen
8 Jul 757 Fixed local time SCR import bug
9 Jul 758 as above
14 Jul 759 Alter manual message screen so each has its own position
error check for registry saves.
21 Jul 760 New setup with right click to Options in Apron count and normal count setup
25 Jul 761 Control arrow in offer to move screen 2
bug fix assign terminal as another terminal
station setup to allocate stands biggest first
02 Aug 762 Fix output with more than one ONI
13 Aug 763 Save added to main table with prefix selected to send part file to GSL
18 Aug 764 Test for SIR output problem with T flights
19 Aug 765 bug fix typing in time box in ofer
20 Aug 766 Test code for SIR problem
09 Sep 767 Offer screen has control buttons for count in offer
09 Sep 768 Added change all times for autoset in autoset setup menu
15 Sep 769 Comply weekly report changes. Totals added and calendar selection
25 Sep 770 Added send to GSL to FTP all setup data files for the current station.
To enable user to upload all setup files to GSL for problem solving
Also added is a FTP table that will enable data to be sent to FTP servers, this will be used for the new apron module but could also be used for other purposes
01 Oct 771 New setup for gate count. Count not coded yet
02 Oct 772 Added switches to above
04 Oct 773 Added bussed separate times
07 Oct 774 Bug fix send season data to FTP
08 Oct 775 Colour selection on desks for prefix
Colour selection for all
Bug fixes
10 Oct 776 Departures added to desk display plus some bug fixes
Rotate and resize text added to desk display
Fill apron sizes for current terminal or all stands added to stand setup
Coding of departure only gate count complete for testing (beta)
11 Oct 777 Bug fix chart not clearing in desks
11 Oct 778 Reports added to gate count when screen 2 has reports open
11 Oct 799 Bug fix panels error
11 Oct 780 Bug fix apron count
11 Oct 781 Gate count fix
13 Oct 782 Part 2 of gate count - stand times
14 Oct 783 Gate view added (Beta)
resize bars on gantt added to mousewheel in header area of gates/apron view
also added to desk view
clear all OCS in countset added to counts menu
15 Oct 784 Update to gate display
Count menu display view gslocs counts
clear gslocs counts
16 Oct 785 More work on gate view.
Switch between gate and apron on label right click
16 Oct 786 Update to gate view
18 Oct 787 Update to Gate view report
29 Oct 788 Online client config added to coordm
02 Nov 789 First try at Airline group to Apron allocation
First try at Location group to Apron allocation
04 Nov 790 Update to 789 changes
07 Nov 791 Location group setup has allocate arr/dep/both switch
Apron label left click has report for single stand
09 Nov 792 Desk assign altered to take 3 part setup for next day assigns
SIR output RA and RD fixed . instead of :
11 Nov 793 15 and 60 minute counts added to gate counts
19 Nov 794 Chart for gate count added
04 Dec 795 Calendar used to display flight dates using prefix and flight number. Selected from label left of first flight number.
Excel report added to count date right menu
24 Dec 796 Log file viewer for online actions
Check all of one message for dupes/exist in message right click menus