What's New in Coordination Organiser - 2010

Date Ver. Notes
04 Jan 797 New reports on flight range label right click
Setup 2 times and location group to give reports in compliance
arrival or departure showing on calendar for prefix/flight number. Compliance shows run/no run
extra comply report showing numbers of off slot also with no runs if required
05 Jan 798 Check for T flights and mark message line in blue
07 Jan 799 Code change for comply report in flight range right click
07 Jan 800 Item added to reports/compliance for oot report
12 Jan 801 Speed up for oot report
14 Jan 802 Search inbox / outbox / archive for a flight number. Right click the Flight range label in messages with prefix selected and a number in the from.
27 Feb 803 New item to season data right click to select flight number as well as prefix
Change to flight in messages to allow date sorting
New items to message search to allow only inbox/outbox and archive searches
New item on message header to allow click to line to display exist or dupe
New item on C records with T reports
05 Mar 804 Fix departure in flight to calendar
added scrline to Temp report in messages header
08 Mar 805 FTP altered for directory on server
11 Mar 806 Fix bug in SIMM import
31 Mar 807 Fix int/dom problem with frombase/tobase flights
GSLOCS program setup changed for quick change
08 Apr 808 Changes to OCS setup
15 Apr 809 Apron display order added
29 Apr 810 New % comply report
29 Apr 811 Fig bug in above
change counts to show correct parking stands in user defined counts
10 May 812 FAA remains delete before date menu item added
Move in time on Apron gantt chart added.
Zoom added
12 May 816 813-816 include the following
Changes to MEL import for ACA
Add AUH import for ACA
Changes to online program setup
Add new % type comply report for numbers rather than %
Add details to messages multi count and small counts
Bug fix Comply/8020 kick table
13 May 817 Repair comply/8020 code
Apron counts details added to multi count in messages
updated help file and pdf
24 May 819 and 618 Filters added to multi reports
totals and % added to OOT report
26 May 820 Split text in % report
27 May 821 Fix for airline extras frombase/tobase
28 May 822 Change airline extras to allow different prefixes to work
04 Jun 823 Delete before date in faa remains
Delete after date in faa remains
22 Jun 824 Bug fix groups in reports problem
bug fix apron mouse over problem
25 Jun 825 messages temp go greem once actioned
29 Jun 826 Setup for GA online added
05 Jul 827 Desk count added
07 Jul 828 Code change in move apron
19 Jul 829 FTP for station files and apron data to apron organiser
04 Aug 830 OOT report setup allowed without flight number
bug fix OOT report
04 Oct 833 time picker added to weekly report comply
13 Oct 834 Colour button added to reports.
16 Oct 835
Recode apron order for display
21 Oct 837 Fix to Local time SCR import over multi DST
count altered for worse case in counts over 5 minutes
26 Oct 838 Single prefix stats added
27 Oct 839 Shoe T flights in details for counts Temporary only RUN
27 Oct 840 Bug fix stats plus print and save file
29 Oct 841 All details (total) added to choice for details in counts
01 Nov 842 Repair reports taking too long
03 Nov 843 output built in Temp allow whole or part season
26 Nov 844 Dual count2 coded to work with different seasons
30 Nov 845 Use touchdown/airborne times in weekly comply report
DOW added to details on count 2
09 Dec 847 Comply 8020 type report with minutes either side
15 Dec 848 change of behaviour to OOT report. first time refers to locations in the location selection
27 Dec 849 Rotated T sir allowed in local with warning RA/RD times will make no sense