What's New in Coordination Organiser - 2011

Date Ver. Notes
5 Jan 850 Seats change via main data screen aircraft field for prefix
21 Jan 851 Apron daily report now reports single prefix
Swop flights added to apron view
12 Mar 852 Auto send of files and data to apron program by ftp
Setup of files to send for apron ftp
EUACA setup for sending real time changes
Switch to hide archive messages from tree display
Switch to show/hide OCS messages from tree disply
OCS messages view in messages
backup changed to place backup files in day directories
backup times now allow to first, second or auto directories
31 Mar 853 N added to flight codes list
OCS web site check added to messages setup
06 Apr 855 bug fixmessages in
note 854 missed
10 Apr 856 Actual time and deviation added to detail count 1 comply
25 Apr 858 dual count now has days of operation reports
1 May 859 Seats and mvt report clas A, M and H now go to freight
2 May 860 Setup OCS to allow view according to date in next season
20 May 861 No slot in work / test mode now has menu on flight to edit
25 May 862 Fix snowday to comply
76 Jun 864 (no 863) Fix to gate view
16 Jun 865 Report toolbar fix
19 Jun 866 Fix OTT reports when flight range is set
28 Jun 867 New comply 8020 handback set.
01 Jul 868 New comply handback section
New SHL in output built in works with hanback 8020
04 Jul 869 Forcast 8020 added to reports/compliance menu
Forcast 8020 to OCS added.
07 Jul 870 Auto added for OCS 8020 and forcast 8020
08 Jul 871 Details added to slot/Faa report
26 Jul 872 Fix to slotfaa report
switch in season file to create ufids report
Add records added to ufids report
delete records added to ufids report
27 Jul 873 Fix bug in SlotFAA
Eliminate added to Ufids output
Ufids send file added to auto
27 Jul 874 Format change to details in slotfaa report
28 Jul 875 Bug fix slotfaa report
28 Jul 876 bug fix backup
28 Jul 877 Worklog viewer
Single validate in main work screen
05 Aug 878 Time formated in faaslot report
09 Aug 879 manual edit change added to ufids send
10 Aug 880 Bug fix ufids report
24 Aug 881 Fix time problem in comply count2
Added Y as exclusions to comply count 2
25 Aug 882 Extra checks for deletes to prevent accidental deletes of flights
Program load checks
25 Aug 883 Save sent ufids files in messages/ufids
27 Aug 884 Taxi time report
update to ufis report
28 Aug 885 Allow 2 day chart for comply count 2
add runway to taxi report
add runway time and runway to flight strip
29 Aug 886 Allow selection of eliminate in local as well as UTC and send Ufis in UTC
allow Ufis for part season
31 Aug 887 UFIS report format change
allow runway times to be changed in flight strip
04 Sep 888 Bug fix offer on C/R with oni
RA RD code changed to show only offered parts
09 Sep 889 Bug fix ufis report for eliminate
09 Sepo 890 DOW report added to Report/Movement menu
09 Sep 891 Ufis eliminate altered to allow flight selection
12 Sep 892 Fix blank line sends in UFIS send
Allow set description in Auto
13 Sep 893 Bug fix manual messages action
14 Sep 894 New Output built in daybyday
16 Sep 895 DayByDay built in added to auto
18 Sep 896 Escape allowed from daybyday
18 Oct 897 alter daybyday for speed
03 Nov 898 bug fixweek more than 2 with overnight import
bug fix check for exist with 2 or more weekly