What's New in Coordination Organiser - 2012

Date Ver. Notes
30 Jan 904 Season not found message timeout added
GCR recoded to create proper GCR to messages
03 Feb 905 Manual GCR altered to provide GCR messages
GSC messages handles by messages system
GCR output added with tail number input on output page
setup in messages for GCR program setup.
10 Feb 906  Bug fix manual messages
19 Feb 908 New report in compliance like taxi but off slot
20 Feb 909 Minutes requester added to new off slot report
21 Feb 910 Repair of new off slot report
Seats reports altered to use the prefix.flight number setting for pax loads
22 Feb 911 bug fix error messages
27 Feb 912 New no actual time report like taxi time in comply
27 Feb 913 FAA remains report like taxi report
28 Feb 914 Selection of percentages added to comply 8020 forcast report
02 Mar 917 Inclued 915 and 916
change to comply FAA remains report
Add series report
add UFIS report terminal marker
02 Mar 918 recode for deskview order
recode for UFIS bug
06 Mar 919 UFIS report to allow terminal from the terminal ufis letter
08 Mar 920 Series report recode and selection added
10 Mar 921 First part of auto test to test curfew, duplicates and counts for new
11 Mar 922 test deletes and C/R added
12 Mar 923 Flight strip altered for use with up/down as well as actual time
17 Mar 924 Fix date select position date split in messages
Added auto message agree for new and delete.
20 Mar 925 space in ufis report
20 Mar 926 Formatting taken out of CSV save weely report
21 Mar 927 Bug fix messages auto check
22 Mar 928 Bug fix. lock record and also problem with failed count in auto message
22 Mar 929 Output of REG GCR type
26 Mar 930 ZZZ to ZZZZ allowed in GCR
FAA report allows flight codes
weekly report clear colout codes to csv
27 Mar 931 code change to Ufis report for terminals
code change to Eliminate for Ufis
csv from weekly repaired
28 Mar 932 Fix FAA report with class selection hiding GA when GA is set to not view
28 Mar 933 Fix printing sir problem
29 Mar 934 Various reports bug fixed for class group
FAA now shows ICAO codes for GCR flights.
18 Apr 935 Groups added to terminal selection via the quick select
Terminal group selection to apron counts
19 Apr 936 Recode to apron counts and details
recode to gate clear to avoid problems with based
23 Apr 937 Dates hidden FAA report where no data
bug fix auto action messages
25 Apr 938 Advanced aircraft/seats changer in work right click aircraft
26 Apr 939 Apron count rework
28 Apr 940 GCR extra work done to make it like GSL OCS client
01 May 941 Bug fix GCR no IATA station
01 May 942 Allow search for departures as well as arrivals in GCE manual
04 May 943 SSM Import converrts to SCR
10 May 944 Bug fix offer with based airlines
15 May 945 Auto FAA files
Bug fix points count display
18 May 946 GCR manual in manual mewssages
01 Jun 947 Delete current peek week charts in charting
message numbering carried to outbox
right click above grid to resize columns
bug fixes on message numbering
02 Jun 948 Aircraft not allowed in curfew switch in aircraft setup
Test for above in messages
Aircraft not allowed in aircraft setup
test for above in messages
03 Jun 949 New compliance report initial by flight number
03 Jun 950 Alter above to DOW based
report can use DOW picker on calendar
report can use flight range picker
04 Jun 951 Fix bug in report dep flight numbers wrong
05 June 952 code change to countset pick
05 June 953 Work dont on replies for auto
new switch in messages setup for auto reply in conjunction with auto action
05 June 954 GCR as SCR (SCR with registration) import
07 Jun 955 bug fix messages setup error
? 956 Bug fix messages to outbox
14 Jun 957 Extra coding to messages to archive
15 Jun 958 bug fix datepicker in count setup
code to track flt2 problem
21 Jun 959 Extra email addresses in airline setup
22 Jun 960 Bug fix messages with GCR problem
switch in messages setup to ignore aircraft changes or seat additions
26 Jun 961 Bug fix messages error departure only
06 Jul 963 962 jumped
Added ocs users setup to allow REG to be added by user
14 Jul 964 switch in messages setup for auto sir replies
auto sir code to reply with SIR's as they come in pop3
30 Jul 965 New GSL web service for season dates and info
new dates added to season setup
conference location and SC number added to season setup
right click on season to clear all except season dates
right click yo use GSL web service to fill dates and data
30 Jul 966 New item in season setup to fill calendar events from season dates
New item clear calendar events for season data
03 Aug 967 EUACA now uses GA anU/Y settings from station setup
24 Aug 968 Added send season dates web service to season setup
24 Aug 969 code change apron set count for split terminal
26 Aug 970 Import outbound messages to test to recover messages
26 Aug 971 Apron files for apron organiser changes
fix bug showing apron empy over 2 days when not
26 Aug 972 DOW added to count for use in messages
27 Aug 973 SCR from deleted added to messages action
search worklog in flight range
28 Aug 974 New switch in Tools/Utilities to show current method
method displayed is above switch is enabled
29 Aug 975 Fix attampt to take non SCR by manual error
Moved delete all records menu item (added gap)
30 Aug 976 Bug fix change aircraft in messages where error 31
07 Sep 977 Bug fix 2400 in manual messages action
clean added to command window ok button right click
reindex added to command window ok button right click
12 Sep 978 Locmain to location for domestics
19 Sep 979 Countset used by auto check amended to include day of week
day of week setup added to countset
countset amended to allow bank holidays as another day of week
day of week switch added to countset setup
26 Sep 980 flight number check to allow GA registrations in normal SCR's
27 Sep 981 Setup for offers
New switches in season
new setup field in desk assign for minimum turn
01 Oct 982 First part of search for offers in messages
02 Oct 983 Colours and change state in offers
03 Oct 984 Bug fix messages auto check
3 Oct 985 Selection of offers added to offer screen
15 Oct 986 Offer checker part completed. Displays but no change of data yet
Help menu has contact numbers for support
06 Nov 987 Bug fix euaca report 0000 wanted was not showing
waitlist similar problem fixed
29 Nov 989 Day before when time picker is inverted (overnight) switch in counts
Counts to use frequency picker
output registration as SCR as well as GCR
A to offer now works with T for temp
Sent "A" for offer to inbox and action now works
01 Dec 990 Put OOT report back to normal
17 Dec 991 Alter OOT to split Arrivals and Departures
31 Dec 992 Bug fix OOT in flight menu