What's New in Coordination Organiser - 2013

Date Ver. Notes
19 Jan 993 defer auto run in other menu
21 Jan 994 Bug fix arrivals only FAA report
28 Jan 995 GA, U and Y exclusion added to UFID report
09 Feb 996 FAA as CSV reports added
Auto added for above
15 Mar 997 UFIDS output altered to remove space
15 Mar 998 New Perth csv added to output formatted
17 Apr 999 Slot ID added to comply reports
29 Apr 1001 60 offset 15 added to countset multi fill
60 offset 5 also added
17 May 1003 Fix bug historics open and checking message
20 May 1004 Fix wwwsir with frombase/tobase allowed
22 May 1005 Gate open and close added to desk assign setup
default gate open close added to season setup
desk file selection to season setup for gate use
bus gate setup added to station setup
30 May 1006 Switch in airline setup to split rotated SCR replies
09 Jun 1007 bus gate table added
bus gate setup added to station setup
bus gate clear item to apron menu
bus gate allocate to apron menu
bus gate clear and allocate added to apron menu
gate report added to reports daily
09 Jun 1008 prefix selection added to countset apron count
airline group added to countset apron count
10 Jun 1010 Prefix and group added to apron standard count 5 minutes
22 Jun 1014 Various fixes at conference
fix multi count set where times are over midnight
same with message count and multi count
MNL FAA import
terminal selection in change prefix
24 Jun 1015 Change MNL FAA from text to dbf import
25 Jun 1016 Mesages count change to show before midnight counts is required
26 Jun 1017 Fixes for counts prior to midnight and after misnight
added - and + to counts
27 Jun 1018 Fix GA messages problem looking for aircraft type
24 Jul 1019 Fix count with next day times
added tooltip to left count column with date/time range
29 Jul 1020 Switch added to compliance exclusions to show snowday failures as fail with reason
Comply report reworked to use above
30 Jul 1021 Switch for based route in output setup
Output coded to use above for based flights
02 Aug 1022 Messages "this message" has chop before and after items using the calendar to cut scr dates
Manual messages has arrival or departure only in fill
03 Aug 1023 fix no flights in new fill in manual messages
open registration setup from manual messages for GCR
open as above with selected text
08 Aug 1024 Frombase and tobase added to manual messages arr/dep only
11 Aug 1025 Manual edit arr/dep only altered to allow action on manual screen
16 Aug 1026 Alter counts to show day before in other than with count deviation set
25 Aug 1027 Alter UFIS report to close terminal and airline files before opening in case multiple coordm's are open
05 Sep 1028 Exclude GA added to apron count set
Exclude class U added to apron count set~Exclude class Y added to apron coung set
06 Sep 1029 Perth type csv altered to have a full date rather than SCR daqte
16 Sep 1030 Perth type reports altered
21 Oct 1031 Change FTP to GSL data to season directory
25 Oct 1032 Apron now works with overnight time selection
3 Nov 1033 Web service request for season utc to local data as a view
same to alter season setup
7 Nov 1034 Language selection in options
local time check in work options
9 Nov 1035 Alter get utc local data from gsl to use local routine for local times. Due to windows not sending correct change time.
15 Nov 1036 New apron count for constraints
16 Nov 1037 Code change for Local time messages problem
17 Nov 1038 De bugged code for languages
22 Nov 1039 New schedule report in daily
csv output for above
New schedule by airline in daily
csv output for above
aircraft report spreadsheet style
fix for ga SCR bug
23 Nov 1040 Aircraft arrival report in spreadsheet style
Aircraft departure report in spreadsheet style
csv output for aircraft report
24 Nov 1041 Schedule report recoded to hide empty reports
Schedulr by airline hides empty airline reports
25 Nov 1042 Bug fix registration check code for flight numbers
27 Nov 1044 1043 missed
bug fix with local time manual messages
6 Dec 1045 Alter schedule and schedule airline reports for no dates
11 Dec 1046 Alter FAA remains menu with submenus
Allow offer screen to be moved