What's New in Coordination Organiser - 2014

Date Ver. Notes
09 Jan 1048 Airline setup to allow SCR terminal to be used
Messages changed to use terminal in SCR is set to do so
09 Feb 1049 Bug fix apron assign
20 Feb 1050 Description added to class group setting.
Description "noapron" used to stop allocation of classes in that group
22 Feb 1051 New average report in Compliance reports
New station report in Compliance reports
25 Feb 1052 CSV output for both reports
25 Feb 1053 Flight split on main data tab now has a calendar check to restrict splits to calendar and dow selection
aprom class restriction now works on set counts (not standard counts)
02 Mar 1054 Bug fix apron set clear and fill sizes
12 May 1055 Setting for country for multi country users
Switch to set up ProgramData for use in place of Program Files
Countset messages deviation to over-ride message deviation
17 Jun 1058 Bug fix schedule report to stop previous report showing
08 Aug 1059 Daily report - schedule recoded to respect sirexclude
Schedulr by airlines too
08 Aug 1060
08 Aug 1061
22 Sep 1062 MCT import for FAA actuals
30 Sep 1063 bug fix for constraints apron count
07 Oct 1064 NAC charts recoded to allow arr or dep without totals
07 Oct 1065 eairportslots setup added
07 Oct 1066 Role setup added to eairportslots setup
31 Oct 1067 Bug fixes apron count and details
06 Nov 1068 Bug fix compare in details
output built in DOW allowed local time
15 Nov 1069 Fix for TPE FAA
AUH import
24 Nov 1070 Recode Local time SCR conversion
25 Nov 1071 More local SCR recode
zero utc1 message added
02 Dec 1072 Country select added to status bar
SSIM import repair for bad airflight SSIM's
03 Dec 1073 Auto overnight create file bug fix
Select terminal group from tools menu
terminal group added to auto other setup (code to be done for reports)
04 Dec 1074 Auto overnight reports coded with terminal groups
05 Dec 1075 CAA import fix for TPE
06 bDec 1076 NAC code altered to ignore blank terminals and continue
07 Dec 1077 MNL FAA
08 Dec 1078 Recode TPE FAA
Extra code to MNL FAA
15 Dec 1079 Recode TPE FAA import
18 Dec 1080 New directory (multi country only) for downloads
alter files work on all countries (multi country only)
right click status bar country to set as default (multi country only)
19 Dec 1081 TPE FAA import recode