What's New in Coordination Organiser - 2015

Date Ver. Notes
05 Jan 1082 Output bug fix for frombase overnight flights
06 Jan 1083 Code change TPE CAA import
Online summer and winter tags added to apron set options
Fix download
08 Jan 1084 Change country added to auto choice
Directory selector checked to allow new directory and use newer style requestor
09 Jan 1085 Repair alter file bug and repair alter files (3) with wrong code
Add aircraft size range to countset
Add aircraft size code to counts
Add aircraft size code to count details
11 Jan 1086 Online enforce rotation settings in terminal setup
14 Jan 1087 bug fix changes to frombase where arr and dep is over midnight
18 Jan 1088 Split apron setup for online in station setup
19 Jan 1089 Better desciption when system is unable to fing data directory
30 Jan 1090 Fix to messages for poor quality messages
31 Jan 1091 switches added to Eliminate screen for before and after cross date records.
New help file update
04 Feb 1092 bug fix Snapshot / other not picking correct season calendar
bug fix manual messages action wrong reply in outbox
24 Feb 1093 Allow exclusion of flight type Z for reports and compliance, switch in station setup
Allow exclusion of Z flight code from Output, setup in output setup
Allow exclusion of Z flight code from counts, setup in count set
Allow exclusion of Z flights from Apron counts, setup in user defined apron count sets
Rework check data in tools to work on all new and past tables, to clean and reindex all files.
Switch added to station setup curfew to define the UTC local type of the curfew times. Work to follow on messages check.
Switch added to count sets to set time type of the count as none/UTC/Local
Switch in online user setup to force time type to From online/UTC/Local
04 Mar 1094 Coded for utc or local time curfews for automatic testing of requests.
02 Apr 1095 Local time switch added to countset for online
Local utc switch added to station curfew
Local/UTC switch added to online users
IIS setup copy user/users to online users
12 May 1100 Station setup switch for UFIS exclude
UFIS excludes for messages.
14 May 1101 bug fix ufis messages
15 May 1102 Alter code for class sets in tools stastus bar options
16 May 1103 messages to clipboard with reasons in header of message lines
Rework of class sets
31 May 1104 Various bug fixes for ufis etc.
02 Jun 1105 Clear ufis exclude with right click added
23 Jun 1106 Double click flight range to clear
Bug fix UFIS manual report problem with progress bar
Snapshot directory added to option directories
Warning added to offers on F historics in messages
Bug fix ufis exclude err
30 Jun 1107 Bug fix class selection in auto work
fix change countries not updating class set menu
allow filename to be manually set in auto work
switch added to messages/online user setup for webconnect
16 Jul 1108 Fix for duplicate nodes in messages.
17 Jul 1109 Auto set other changes.
Left click on set name altered to allow open and close of itens
Rename moved to right click
Field added for output non built in set
18 Jul 1110 timeout added to duplicate node check to avoid holding up auto
flt2 delay timeout added to output options
Close season added to auto selection
22 Jul 1111 Time taken added to output in auto
25 Jul 1112 Ufids change asdded to eliminate
10 Aug 1113 Ground time report with prefix and calendar
Terminal added to ground time report
wait window added to ftp delete
year added to formatted output to csv
12 Aug 1114 code change to allow replies to messages in all to season
code change to allow amy snapshot with the season in the filename to be imported to season
13 Aug 115 Code to check replies
17 Aug 1116 Remove year from csv of formattef output
26 Aug 1117 Alliance import added to FAA in
1 Sep 1118 Alteration to reply to put in correct folder
alteration to UFIS report to use ufisexclude
3 Sep 1119 Code change to UFIS report ufisexclude routine
14 Sep 1120 SCR type added to UFIS message report. Setup in messages
auto overnight filename changed to lower case
26 Sep 1121 Bug fix SCR ufis type for AUH
27 Sep 1122 Fix eliminate ufis scr type
30 Sep 1123 Season setting added to airline flight to apron
01 Oct 1124 Season setting added to flight split
01 Oct 1125 Details added to desk count
01 Oct 1126 Apron colours for prefix used on desk view
Apron colour prefix setup on desk view
Switch default or use apron colours on label
Season added to Flight Extra
06 Oct 1127 bug fix asseason error and posfile for new setups
07 Oct 1128 Added desk assigned details for flight
Added desk assigned details for desk number
email test for sams web service
directory test for sams web service
08 Oct 1129 TA TD repaired.
09 Oct 1130 TA TD fix with airsplits
11 Oct 1131 User defined desk gantt colour in desk assign right click label
Selected desk set saved om close and used next open
Close desk set added to desk sets setup
Open and close times added to unallocated details
Maximum required messagebox added to count right click left column
Allow/Disdallow zoom in deskset gantt chart
12 Oct 1132 Save desk assign default/apron colours use on exit
14 Oct 1133 Fix TA TD problem where no TA TD given
16 Nov 1134 UFIS 2 altered to formatted
UTC local/utc coded
utc to local issue fixed
25 Nov 1135 UFIS SCR fix
CSV output added to auto
Perth output added to auto
Perth no ONI added to auto
Clear assign now uses calendar
Manual message right side grows and shrinks
coded local/utc curfew
flight code left click select from status bar
flight code set/all select right click status bar
auto overnight next date refresh fixed for multi countries
count set now has date range
auto label now has run all
auto dates has selector for;
date range
1st month for so many days
1st month to end season
1st next month for so many days
1st next month to end season
today for so many days
today to end season
this whole month
next whole month
by typing in a .txt file instead of email address system will get email addresses from that file
26 Nov 1136 SCR Line as based for single legs in messages line right click edit
SCR Line online type test in messages right click test
swop CR,DN right click manual message right panel
26 Nov 1137 UTC to local aid in tools utilities
Local to UTC aid in tools utilities
Formatted output uses action code. Leave blank if not required
02 Dec 1138 Fix for zero seats in gate count
no reg report in reports compliance
arruseim fault. no slots now adds fields on clean
08 Dec 1139 Fix gate count
added gate count details
08 Dec 1140 Gate view coded to ignore zero time stands
13 Dec 1141 Clear apron for unassigned only added to apron/apron
Apron counts clears unassigned before count
15 Dec 1142 Added report arr/dep showing DOM pax
16 Dec 1143 Filter range in counts. Right click filter range then left click to filter
22 Dec 1144 New blank in manual message respects station message type
Dublin type report added to arr/dep report in reports
29 Dec 1145 Fix new blank in manual messages
fix GCR blank in manual messages
30 Dec 1146 Allow SMA manual messages send to inbox and action
New item on time picker selects local time and dates in UTC and UTC time and dates in Local